Australian police seize record haul of methamphetamine hidden in marble tiles

Mexican cartels press fentanyl into counterfeit oxycodone and other pills, which often contain lethal amounts of the synthetic opioid. That has caused about 64,000 overdose deaths in the United States over the last year. “It could be because of a greater effort, or it could be because there is a greater volume” of illegal drugs being produced, he said. More than 17,500 pounds of meth and 389 pounds of fentanyl were discovered Thursday hidden inside a tractor-trailer at the Otay Mesa border crossing in San Diego, according to a statement from the U.S. 77% of retail CFD accounts lose money.Plus500 stands during volatile times to offer the best possible trading experience under all market conditions.

  • The consequences of mixing meth with other drugs are life-threatening.
  • Delete all negative influences from your contacts and social media accounts, such as your drug dealer and friends with whom you shared drugs.
  • However, the continued use of meth can cause significant long-term physical and psychological harm and can even be fatal.

The offspring will be left with specific gut microbial characteristics from biological mother at birth, while a permanent microbiota shift could also be shaped by nursing mother (Daft et al., 2015; Treichel et al., 2019). Factors in breast milk like IgA Rogier et al. and salivated milk oligosaccharides Charbonneau et al. may shape the gut microbiome. Robertson found that endogenous omega-3 unsaturated fatty acid production in Fat-1 transgenic mice is insufficient, and PUFA deficiency in the mother during pregnancy or lactation has lasting impact on the offspring’s intestinal microbiota (Robertson et al., 2018). Many small mammals engage in coprophagy , which helps stabilize gut microbiota and maintain necessary gut microbial diversity and function, altering cognitive performance (Bo et al., 2020). The role of gut microbiota was directly confirmed by maternal fecal microbiota transplantation experiments.

Methamphetamine addiction signs and symptoms

The Chen’s test is useful in distinguishing between starting materials such as ephedrine or pseudoephedrine with amphetamine or methamphetamine; however, in all cases, numerous adulterants can give false negative or false positive results which is why these tests are strictly presumptive. Sewage water testing found Perth locals were using 1,300mg of crystal meth every single day per 1,000 people, with Sydneysiders getting through 1,000mg daily. A guarantee that you will never pay more for residential treatment than you would by approaching a particular addictions treatment centre directly. With seizures, hold the back of the head, apply a cold compress to keep their temperature down and remove all sharp objects they might use to injure themselves. Delete all negative influences from your contacts and social media accounts, such as your drug dealer and friends with whom you shared drugs. Ask one person in your group of friends and family to be your sobriety partner.

Meth-induced peripheral organ damage, such as liver, muscle and kidney, can also lead to BBB disruption. Peripheral organ damage can lead to increases in circulating and brain ammonia concentrations through increases in brain glutamate (Chan et al., 2000; Gorg et al., 2010; Halpin et al., 2014). Ammonia can also induce oxidative stress via superoxide and nitric oxide production as well as through decreases in antioxidant enzymes (Kosenko et al., 1997a,b).

Dependence mean people will develop withdrawal symptoms on stopping use, which can be severe and life-threatening. This can increase the risk of going under, and delay the time it takes for G to take effect – interfering with safe dosing intervals. G is usually swallowed in its liquid form, often mixed with water or a soft drink.

Effect of methamphetamine on glutamate-positive neurons in the adult and developing rat somatosensory cortex. The opening of the BBB can have broad and significant consequences, particularly with regard to Meth use. Sandoval touted the increased seizures in Mexico as a sign of the government’s success.

  • This is a structured conversation between a meth user and loved ones, aided by a professional interventionist.
  • Due to this, and the fact that mass spectrometry lends itself to coupling with chromatographic technology, it is a mainstay in illicit drug detection within forensic science agencies.
  • K-KZ and L-JC performed the literature search of the databases.
  • However, the mechanisms responsible for monoaminergic damage are not specific for only neurons and likely cause damage to other cells in the brain.
  • The analysts performed 336 tests and coupled the results with the expectation of the user who noted that the illicit substances tested were likely to be psychedelics (69.3%) or stimulants (19.6%).

The power of this approach was neatly shown by Andrighetto when looking at unpurified samples from a benzaldehyde and nitroethane pathway to methamphetamine.79 The overall synthetic pathway can be observed in Figure 1.8. Illicit or controlled substances are typically categorised into groups according to their effects on the user, how they are ingested or by their chemical structure backbone. Table 1.1 displays the chemical structures of numerous traditional substances that will be mentioned throughout this chapter and are grouped according to effect (stimulants, depressants, hallucinogens/psychedelics), method of intake , and structural identity (narcotics/opioids, benzodiazepines). Over the long term, regular use of ice can damage or destroy dopamine in the brain – sometimes to a point where the person using the drug no longer feels normal without having ice in their system. Crystal methamphetamine, or ’ice’, triggers the release of three chemicals in the brain, called dopamine, serotonin and noradrenaline. The major bust comes as the hardcore drug ’ice’ has shaken off its ’bogan coke’ tag to become a party-night high for the young, rich and respectable as Australia is named a crystal meth capital of the world.

Police say the drugs have been taken out of the hands of suspected dealers under the banner of Operation Sentinel as part of a crackdown on serious and organised crime. Turkey seized over 1.1 tonnes of methamphetamine “in a big operation on drugs”, Interior Minister Süleyman Soylu announced in the early hours of Wednesday morning. Volkow, N. D., Chang, L., Wang, G. J., Fowler, J. S., Franceschi, D., Sedler, M., et al. . Loss of dopamine transporters in methamphetamine abusers recovers with protracted abstinence.

How People Can Overcome Meth Addiction

The illegal drug trade in Australia is estimated to be worth £6 billion, of which ACIC estimates 77% is methamphetamines. The change has been driven by a perfect storm of market forces and geography. In recent years, the traditional heroin-producing regions in South-East Asia have moved into synthetic drug production.

meth seizure

A boarding party of Royal Marines searched the vessel and found 870kg of crystal methamphetamine in a secret compartment following the six-hour operation. Cocaine and crystal meth with an estimated street value of up to £11 million have been uncovered by police. In fact, the ice problem is now at its worst in outback Australia. Since 2007, the rise in methamphetamine use in rural and remote areas has outpaced the cities and is now 2.5 times higher. Dealers operate in tiny townships, targeting the most vulnerable.

Typically, forensic chemists are required to get an insight into the substance they are presented with and this is usually informed with the use of preliminary testing. These preliminary tests include chemical colour tests, microcrystal tests and simple separation approaches such as thin layer chromatography ; and they are helpful towards informing the best approach for sampling and analysis of the bulk product. The Royal Navy’s role in the region includes finding and disposing of illicit drugs on the high seas. This disrupts the finance revenues of organised crime and terrorist organisations, and the crew of HMS Montrose and the staff of Combined Maritime Forces should be proud of the work they are doing; it makes a real difference and I look forward to continued success. Mitochondrial dysfunction or bioenergetic stress is another mechanism by which Meth causes toxicity. Thus, a bioenergetic compromise and mitochondrial dysfunction play a role in Meth-induced monoaminergic terminal damage.

UK warship seizes 450kg of meth in Arabian Sea

In 2015 there was national uproar when a mother in Queensland told how she built a reinforced steel cage for her ice-addicted teenage son to keep him away from the drug. That same year, the then Northern Territory Minister for Police, Peter Chandler, revealed he’d thrown his son out of home after the teenager stole family valuables to fund his ice addiction. According to him, the 53-year-old suspect was caught with 57 blocks of compressed cannabis sativa, concealed in the boot of his ash coloured Toyota Corolla car with registration number GMB 185 MF. He was alleged to have been fingered as the mastermind of the mob attack in Hong on 6th October, 2020 that led to the death of an NDLEA operative and another officer now bedridden due to permanent incapacitation. Babafemi also revealed that the operatives of the Directorate of Operations and General Investigation, DOGI at the agency attached to a courier company have intercepted a kilogramme of methamphetamine concealed in body cream containers heading to Australia. He disclosed that two freight agents; Nneji Anoma and Etoh Barnabas involved in the bid to export nine parcels of methamphetamine weighing 1.45 kilogrammes in packs of cornflakes to Malaysia through the NAHCO export shed of the MMIA on last Wednesday have been arrested.

In October, police allegedly found 300kg of ice, worth an estimated $184million, hidden inside a digger being imported into Sydney from Hong Kong. A 49-year old Wetherill Park man was charged in June with planning Ahmad’s murder last April and with drug offences over the ice stash. Detectives probing bikie Mahmoud ‘Brownie’ eco sober house price Ahmad’s death swooped on an address in Sydney’s south-west in May and allegedly found 25kg of ice and $200,000 cash. The boom in use has sparked huge demand and helped fuel the current bikie wars as rival gangs scrap for supply and control of Sydney’s lucrative $3.7billion drug trade, worth $10billion nationally.

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Another way to view the extensive work in this area is to consider one illicit substance and understand what analytical work has been done to characterise the compound for forensic purposes. The reader could look into any illicit substance in this way; however, to display the breadth of analytical detection procedures, as an example we shall look at methamphetamine determination. Methamphetamine has received a great deal of attention from research groups all over the world as the ice epidemic continues to grow and make headlines. Identifying methamphetamine in different mediums such as urine,36 saliva,37 blood,38 plasma,39 hair,40 finger nails,41 fingerprints,42 sweat43 and semen44 have been areas of interest for forensic analysts.

But he was one of the lucky ones, said Lambie, in a region where motorcycle gangs peddling ice have infiltrated small towns, preying on the vulnerable. Her son, Dylan was hooked on ice at the age of 18, and his behaviour became so aggressive that Lambie made the agonising decision to throw him out of the family home. Babafemi said following credible intelligence, operatives also arrested one Nwanbunike Chibuike, 22, with 19,576 tablets of Exol-5, diazepam, tramadol and rohypnol as well as 7.9 litres of codeine at Ogere, Ikenne local government area of Ogun state last Wednesday. Reports have also claimed the Syrian regimeis involved in a regional crime network and engages in drug traffickingthroughout the Middle East and Europe. The Middle East is a significant market in the illegal production and distribution of another drug, captagon, an illegal amphetamine. The operation also “busted” an Iranian drug lord identified as RK, alongside “his gang”, according to Soylu, who gave no further details on the alleged perpetrators.

  • The airline had said it would cancel nearly 170 of about 400 scheduled flights at airports in Duesseldorf, Cologne, Hamburg and Stuttgart on Monday, affecting roughly 20,000 travellers.
  • A record one billion meth pills were seized across East and Southeast Asia in 2021, according to a United Nations report in May this year.
  • Meth increases extracellular concentrations of DA and glutamate (Raiteri et al., 1979; Mark et al., 2004).
  • During that time, stories of addiction began to capture public attention.

Border force officers then examined a number of additional containers last week and located 1060kg of methylamphetamine concealed in the same marble stone method. The drugs were found in the same place, Port Botany, hidden inside marble, and the intended destination was a factory in western Sydney. A record one billion meth pills were seized across East and Southeast Asia in 2021, according to a United Nations report in May this year. The seizure of 33 million meth tablets and 500 kilograms of ice occurred Friday in the northern province of Bokeo near the notorious Kings Romans Casino, UN Office on Drugs and Crime regional representative Jeremy Douglas said. With an estimated street value of up to £11 million have been uncovered by police – in one of the largest seizures of its kind in the North East. The Marquis test can distinguish between amphetamines and their ring-substituted derivatives such as MDMA, while the Simon’s test is also used for secondary amines such as MDMA.

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Technological advances have revealed that hair samples can be used for quantitation and quantification of drug abuse (Ostrea et al., 2001; Bar-Oz et al., 2003; Vinner et al., 2003; Garcia-Bournissen et al., 2007). A major advantage of neonatal hair is its availability for as long as 4–5 months of postnatal life (Bar-Oz et al., 2003), and is effective in predicting neonatal withdrawal syndrome (Vinner et al., 2003). However, the eco sober house price sensitivity of hair detection is limited by the length and color of hair and has a high false positive rate (Vinner et al., 2003). Moreover, hair samples from newborns are often sparse and parents may resist hair cutting (Bar-Oz et al., 2003). Cross-sensitization related to METH also deserves further attention. The abuse of one drug can lead to increased susceptibility to another, a phenomenon called cross-sensitization.

The best way to help a meth user is to stage an intervention. This is a structured conversation between a meth user and loved ones, aided by a professional interventionist. When successful, it helps loved ones express their concerns and feelings constructively, whilst convincing their loved one to seek addiction treatment. As the lies pile up, it’s hard to trust, which deteriorates into constant arguments and quarrelling. Drugs like meth, Ritalin, alcohol, ecstasy, steroids and cocaine can induce aggression, anger and violence.

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